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  • Dry air cooler cleaning
  • Dry air cooler cleaning

Dry air cooler cleaning specialists...

JMP Cleaning are the UK’s leading dry air cooler cleaning company.

The deep cleaning of dry air cooler coils, is sometimes severely underestimated but this can be foolish as many dry air cooler cleaning projects we have undertaken, especially of the flat bed type, we have dropped the return temperature by a whopping 20 degrees on some systems.

Over time, dry air coolers, when not been cleaned properly over the years, will become blocked up with debris including pollen, bugs and sometimes scale. These blockages will in turn start to increase the return temperatures each year as the airflow through the coil becomes more and more restricted.

Before we undertake any dry air cooler cleaning project, we will carry out a thorough analysis of the condition of the coil including airflow readings, and return temperature recordings as well as the history of the cleaning maintenance of the dry air cooler.

This analysis is free of charge and we can predict exactly how much we can drop the return temperature by, we are almost always correct 95% of the time and if we cannot deliver what we promise then you simply will not have to pay for our services.

The cleaning equipment we use, is all custom built, with dry air cooler cleaning in mind, the water flows and pressures we use are extremely high, this makes it easier to push all the debris out from inside the coil therefore dramatically increasing airflow.

For any dry air cooler cleaning enquiry, please get in touch with the UK’s leaders within this field. We travel all over the UK and Europe.