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  • Coil cleaning

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Coil cleaning, very often over looked is an integral part of servicing to air conditioning equipment.

In proper lack of coil cleaning will eventually cause equipment to run a lot harder than it needs too culminating in higher energy consumption and higher repair bills.

Coils require air to be pulled through them using the fans to cool down coolant that runs through the coil. When the coil becomes blocked with debris the air pulled through the coil is severely limited, this in turns makes it harder for the coolant to remain at a low temperature especially in the summer periods.

Specialist coil cleaning services can restore any coil back to factory spec ensuring that the air conditioning runs how its suppose too all year round maximising energy efficiency and keeping maintenance bills low.

JMP Cleaning are fast becoming the most recognised coil cleaning company in the UK and work for medium to large style corporate style businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Our coil cleaning techniques are very different to our competitors, we use cleaning equipment that is all custom built specifically with each individual coil in mind. All this is done from our industrial premises in Essex.

Some coils can be cleaned using traditional pressure washing equipment but some coils require specialist types of equipment, this is where we come into our own and can virtually clean any coil back to its original factory condition using custom built high powered pressure washing equipment.

Not only are our coil cleaning techniques unique but we don’t ever use chemicals. Even when removing scale from coils no chemicals are needed by our company to remove the scale.